Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

Learn How To Make an Easy & Quick Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe!  Panko Breadcrumbs make this easy chicken recipe crispy on top, while fat-free mayonnaise makes it moist.  Easy to prepare and ready in minutes!  Get in the kitchen and give it a go!

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Recipe by: Diane Kometa


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Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe

  • Prep time:
  • Cook time:
  • Total time:
  • Yield: 2-4
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Recipe type: Main Course, Entree


  • 1/3 cup panko bread crumbs
  • ¼ cup regular bread crumbs
  • 2/3 cups freshly grated Parmesan cheese
  • 2/3 cup fat free or regular mayonnaise
  • 2- boneless skinless chicken breasts – cut in half lengthwise to make thin cutlets
  • Salt & pepper
  • I used my Simple Seasoning Recipe, so feel free to try it. It’s listed on my Homemade Crouton Recipe page.


  1. Season the chicken lightly with seasonings of your choice.
  2. Place the chicken on a baking sheet that has been lined with foil.
  3. Place about 4-6 inches from broiler heat and broil about 3 minutes. Turn the chicken over and cook the other side for another 2-3 minutes. Chicken will be lightly browned.
  4. While the chicken is cooking, combine the bread crumbs and the cheese in a bowl and stir to combine. Add the mayonnaise and combine thoroughly with the crumb mixture.
  5. When the chicken is done, spread the mixture over the top of each chicken breast.
  6. Return the chicken to the broiler and cook for about 3 minutes, until the topping is golden brown and chicken is 165 degrees F. Easy!! Enjoy! Recipe by: Diane Kometa

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