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“Dishin’ With Di”  is an Internet cooking show hosted and created by Diane Kometa, an everyday woman with a passion for cooking.  Diane’s goal is simple:  to share her favorite recipes, basic how-to’s, cooking and baking techniques, tips and much more, in hopes of making life a little easier, more enjoyable and delicious for as many people as she can!

From Diane:

I’m Diane Kometa and I love food! There! I’ve said it!  I love the different flavors, textures,  aromas, and the way food can look soo beautiful when a completed dish is served!  I love it all! And because I love it soo much I taught myself how to cook.  I’m a home-cook and I love to create delicious meals.  I’ve always loved to cook and share recipes with friends and family and now I want to share with everyone! I don’t know about you, but I learn much quicker and retain more information when I see a demonstration, so sharing recipes through videos just made sense to me.  So, in September 2012, I started a library of quick, easy to understand recipes with video demonstrations, that you can watch anytime!  Recipe demonstrations at your fingertips!  I wish I had that option when I first started cooking!

Sometimes we all need a little help in the kitchen.  If I have a quick, easy recipe for someone who’s had a long day at work and can’t think of what to make their kids for dinner, then I’m making a small difference in someone’s life and that makes me really happy!  Whether it’s a new idea for dinner, recipes for entertaining, making fancy desserts, or simple baking basics, I will be here for you!

The best part is that YOU can request recipes, ask me questions, comment, read recipe reviews and even share pictures of your results!  I have a YouTube Channel and am on social media, so Connect With Me with the links provided below and please come along on my cooking journey!  I truly hope I can make your life a little easier, more enjoyable and delicious!

Thanks for stopping by!

Diane  😉

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