Kiwi – How To Peel A Kiwi

Peel A Kiwi

How To Peel A Kiwi

Peel A Kiwi: Easy & Fast! With a Spoon:  Easy Peel for fruit salad, fruit tarts, kiwi smoothies, fruit salsa: Remove Kiwi Skin with a spoon in seonds, then slice Kiwi for a dessert or use it in a recipe. Kiwi popsicles, kiwi sorbet, strawberry kiwi pavlova or the popular dessert green goblin pudding for Halloween.  Kiwifruit is also great in drinks like a kiwi margarita or kiwi daquiri.  I enjoy kiwi smoothies. Strawberry kiwi and banana Kiwi smoothies are popular and another is the mango kiwi smoothie.  Kiwifruit /kiwi fruit is sweet, tart and a healthy choice, along with being a really beautiful looking fruit. Kiwi fruit add beautiful color and flavor to fruit tarts and mine wouldn’t be complete with out it!  You could also use them to make delicious kiwi fruit salad or kiwi fruit salsa.  It’s easy to learn how to peel and slice kiwifruit properly.  To remove kiwi skin with a spoon is not something you would normally think of and peeling kiwi with a potato peeler hacks it up and it’s really difficult if you attempt peeling kiwi with your fingers!  So, get in the kitchen and try this method.  I think it’s the best way to Peel a Kiwi! Easy Peezy!  Please stop by and Subscribe to my YouTube Partner Channel for regular updates! Take a look and see what you think!

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